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The Miramachi
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Thread: The Miramachi

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    The Miramachi

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had some info on the Miramachi River for Atlantic Salmon. My uncle and I were thinking of making a trip up there but we don't really need a guide service, we were wondering if there is any public access that possesses good fishing. If not, what channels do we need to go through to maybe pay for a few days of access to private water.

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    I think u have to pay for beets whichs are certain sections of river and it's done through a lottery drawing. I think getting a guide would be the way to go as that's a finicky fishery

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    Interesting that its lottery drawing, are all the decent atlantic salmon fisheries there that way or is there some with public access?. by the way i know its actually the miramichi lol.
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    A guy name Topher Browne was on ask about fly fishing and he is the Aaron Jasper of Atlantic's. He gives his email and asks if you have any questions shoot him a line. He spoke extensively about access on the podcast.

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    thanks i might give him a try
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