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Grayling Ceramic Nymphs
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    Grayling Ceramic Nymphs

    I have been working on these without much success or time to experiment. No brainer, I'm sure these make an excellent anchor. It seems like once you have the procedure down, you could make a lot in a short time.

    Check this out (in French)

    (in English, I hope this works)

    I purchased 5 colors of the paint and the thinner, including an olive, brown, white, yellow and orange. I found a large selection of the paint at Michael's Crafts. To mix the paints and keep them mixed, I pocketed a big pile of wooden stirrers from Starbucks on the NJ Turnpike. Anyway, the problem I have is that after baking, I am not getting the vitreus (like porcelein) finish like Mr. Dessaigne.

    If anyone has a lot of time and patience to experiment, you could probably talk me in to mailing you the supplies, in exchange for whatever techniques you decipher. The paints cost about $5 each.

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    Re: Grayling Ceramic Nymphs

    Wow those look great.
    Live, learn, and then get Luvs.

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    They work very well, you just can't fish them on a windy day. There isn't anything to anchor them in the water. It's amazing what a dubbing collar does to help keep your flies near the bottom.

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    Isnt that lead wrap?

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    I see the English version. Yes it is lead. So why wouldnt they sink like a stone?

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    Yes the sink like a rock. They are best used when there is no wind. If there is any bit of wind, they come right off of the bottom. Since there is such little mass to the fly, when the wind hits your leader that provides enough force to bring your flies off of the bottom.


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