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do you rest a spot after a missed fish
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    do you rest a spot after a missed fish


    Morning...just got back from fishing some trophy trout water in ct....for those that want exact river pm I will share that way. My reason for some secrecy is that it gets pounded by spin guys that feel free to take their limit.....their right...I don't agree but I digress

    So here is the situation. Really low, slow water today. Thought it would be a good way to work on long leader techniques....I was right. I was working on being a bit more stealthy...more deliberate. Had some success, a couple of small browns and then found a hole, real deep with plenty of fast water. If I were a fish it would be exactly where I would sit and hide. Switched to shorter leader setup...was able to kneel streamside and with the 10 footer get a nice drift through. Second cast..bang fish on....plenty of headshake and girth...saw the body as it spit the barbless caddis out. I was able to see the fish dive back to the bottom of that hole. Could not see the fish anymore but I am confident it was still there. Fired up...I started mining that hole over and over again for another 10 minutes with no success. My question is...in that situation how would others have handled it. In hindsight, I think a couple of follow up casts to see if I could get another take then I should have worked my way upstream for awhile before doubling back...

    In competition with the limited stretch of water...do you rest holes?

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    Re: do you rest a spot after a missed fish

    After losing the big fish, I would continue fishing there for about 10 minutes. If I took no other fish, I would move on, but plan to return some time later, maybe an hour or so. The problem with resting holes is that it is difficult or impossible given our crowded, pressured streams. This is also the reason you gain access to other fish when you fish during lower traffic times (weekdays, early, late).

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    Re: do you rest a spot after a missed fish


    Thanks..I typically fish the off peak hours due to the kids...easier to fish when they are sleeping...

    in the meantime...let's hope for a steady soaking the next couple of days...the class 1 I fish is becoming a trickle.

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    Re: do you rest a spot after a missed fish

    I would agree with Alanb..I have been fishing the rivers out hear in Colo during runoff mostly using weighted buggers and Galloup's Wooly sculpin. When I am missing fish with these heavy streamers my first thing is to recast immediately just a little downstream of the take..often fish will circle back around and if you recast the often strike the second cast hard out of aggravation more than anything. When fishing nymphs it tends to be a little different, sometimes they will retake within a couple of minutes but often if they have felt the sting of a hook they are off the feed for a little bit. but if you are fishing in a spot that can hold more than one fish its well worth it to recast. I would recast for 5-10 minutes and if no takes..move out for at least 20-30 minutes...

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    Re: do you rest a spot after a missed fish


    First lesson is if you know of the location of a big fish tell no one, as the odds are he will stay there if the water conditions remain the same or someone else nails him, worse he is taken and killed.

    Next lesson is this. I will not as rule fish where l know such a fish resides if there are others around, as odds are they will figure out you know something they do not.

    Loss of a good fish, you never know, other than the odds are if the fish is a Brown he will not likely take for some time, and that may well be a few days if he was subject to being played for some time. Bows are a very different deal most of the time.
    In fact l have caught the same fish 3 times in the same day, and l know for a fact it was the same fish as it returned back to the same lie after l released it. It was a Bow.

    I have as yet never hooked and released a big Brown to catch it again the same day or for that matter within a few days later.

    But l do know some who choose to fish for spawners on Redds that may lay claim that they do, if indeed they are hooked in the mouth, but thats another story.



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    Re: do you rest a spot after a missed fish


    Excellent points. I am 99 percent certain it was a brown...seems to be that way on this stretch of water...I am headed back later this week in an attempt to get him again.

    It is a hole that I would not thought about fishing...a by product of low water...let's you see spots you did not realize were there.


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