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Long line leader
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    Long line leader

    I just recently started long line euro nymphing and had no idea where to start so I just made this up. I use Berkley XL mono for the upper section of my leader. XL is a very limp mono and at the end of the day you can reel it onto your reel and the next time you use it its not all coiled. I start with 3ft of 17lb then 3ft of 14lb. I attach my sighter to the 14lb then my flouro tippet depends on the depth of water usually 1.5x water depth to my anchor.

    For my sighter I like the fancy ones that Alain showed us how to make. I usually make mine about 8 inches long. For measuring the 3ft lenghts I don't actually measure I just use a full arms lenght to my nose and then a few inches more since I'm 5'10'' and you cut some when you make your knots. I'm intersted in hearing what everyone else uses.

    I think this is a somewhat short long line leader but as someone very new to this it casts very nicely.

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    Re: Long line leader

    I think you know how I set mine up....

    about 4.5 feet of 20lb maxima davy knotted to about 4.5 feet of 15 pound maxima mono. From the 15 I put the sighter, and then from the sighter straight fluoro 1.5 to 2x depth of water. I think if I was using a 10 foot rod, I would increase the length of the mono behind the sighter to about 5 foot each.
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    Re: Long line leader

    I use 20 and 15 pound Clear Maxima. I use a 2 to 1 ratio of 20 to 15 pound. That's for the butt section. I can make butt sections up to 24 feet using this. There is no majic formula. I always used to ask what the set up was. The answer is, what works for me might not work for you.I use leaders anywhere from 15 to 30 feet. It depends on the stream and or flies that I am going to be fishing.

    The RIO Powerflex in .01z and .015 also work well.

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    Re: Long line leader

    Looks like most of you are attaching you tippet directly to the coil sighter? Is that correct?

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    Re: Long line leader

    Yes it's knotted right to the indicator. You can tie tippet rings onto the indicator as well. This might make it easier to tie the leader to the coils.


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