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Kennabec River
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Thread: Kennabec River

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    Kennabec River

    Through out my travels both as a guide and farrier I have had the oppertunity to fish many different and challenging rivers, one of my all time favorites has to be the Kennebec river located near Waterville Maine. The browns in this river are measured by pounds and the hatches through the month of June seem to be never ending, basically if you are a dry fly enthusiast this is your heaven. I guided this river for a little over two years and have to say that a black caddis pattern in the month of june is a homerun, however; pheasnant tale, prince, and some hare's ears work pretty good too. If you ever have the oppertunity to fish that river, take it. I have some great photos of fish caught on that river wich I hope to post soon.


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    Re: Kennabec River

    I would love to see some of the beasts that swim in that river! Someday I will make the trip up there.
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    Re: Kennabec River

    I went the once in August. The fishing was super slow as it was warm. Someone we know landed one 25 inches in the fall of that same year.

    Are you fishing the Madison section? I would like to go there under better conditions! How is the end of June/early July?

    I can't wait to see the pictures!

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    Re: Kennabec River

    The end of June and into July is still good, being Maine things tend to be slower warming up, but as you said as the water gets warmer the fish slow down. I have caught some of my biggest fish later at night, especially when the weather is warm during the day. I'm not typically the streamer type but big tandem hooked; Hornsburg, Muddlers, Green Ghosts and Smelt patterns work really well. I have a bunch that I tied that are stashed in my Maine box's, if you let me know when your heading up there I would be happy to give you a bunch of them. I'll be at the shop on Sat. maybe see you then.

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    Re: Kennabec River

    Some of my earliest ff'ing experiences were on the headwaters of the Kennebec where is comes out of Moosehead Lake. Lots of fun. Caught a lot of ll salmon and brookies. Lost the top piece of my first fly rod on a cast. Hahaha. Learned a lesson that has stuck with me for the last 17 years: always periodically check your sections. The stonefly hatches at night up there were monstrous. We would use these huge yellow mayfly dries. I'll see if I can dig one up.

    Can't find any. Anyway, they were entirely canry yellow. big hackle with a feather back that was split into two long tails. No idea what the pattern's called. Here's a map of the stretch we would fish.


    Its the east outlet between the lake and the pond.


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