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Conversation Between AaronJasper and H Dot Verseman
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Conversation Between AaronJasper and H Dot Verseman

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  1. Thanks for sending the DVD to Chris! Bob even paid for it
  2. Hey Aaron,

    Not sure if these pm's are working correctly yet, but I wanted to personally thank you and the TPO founders/members who have been so generous with your time and knowledge. Having been fishing 4 times since watching and putting into practice the concepts you outlined on your Euro Nymph dvd, I can tell you that I have caught more fish in April, then my entire spring/ early summer last year.

    People like you, Davy, Magnet, Juice, Frank, Brandon, Tim Y and many others, have helped, and are continuing to help me catch more and more fish. Learning these concepts isn't easy, and putting them into practice takes time and patience on the water, but I can say without a doubt that I am a better angler from having found this site.
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