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  1. type of feather for tiny soft hackles
  2. interesting, but useless
  3. Wet flies, soft hackles, flymphs and fuzzy nymphs
  4. Swinging Wets
  5. Soft Hackles
  6. Soft-Hackles & Caddis
  7. Simple Caddis Wet Fly/Pupa
  8. Wet flies are in!!!
  9. Leader Material
  10. Wet flies & sink tips
  12. Link to classic wet fly patterns & photos
  13. Davy Wotton's top wet flies & pattern tying links
  14. Wet fly wings
  15. Andy Brasko
  16. Forgotten Wet Fly Tyer
  17. For Davy especially....
  18. Davey Wotton clinic
  19. Great weekend with "wet fly ways"
  20. Inappropriate use of "new topic"!
  21. Learned some new stuff today!
  22. Paying your wet flies "dues"
  23. first try wet fly
  24. Wet fly for Black Caddis...
  25. New member
  26. Knight's Templar
  27. Cassard the first attempt
  28. Wet Fly to Catch a Phillies Fan
  29. Merry Christmas
  30. Traditional Wet Flies the Welsh Way
  31. Soft hackle flies - Pearsall's Gossamer
  32. Downwing Adams Wet Fly
  33. Gray Hackle Peacock
  34. Traditional Wet Fly Hooks
  35. DW Fidget Flies and an Alexandra
  36. Wet Fly patterns
  37. Usk Naylor
  38. Snipe and purple
  39. Wet flies from HRO 3/14/09 class
  40. Sewing Thread (Silk)
  41. a wet fly report
  42. a question for davy (salmon fly wets ?)
  43. The Invicta Fly
  44. Beaverkill wet fly
  45. Buying Wet Flies
  46. March Brown Spider
  47. Hardy Marksman.
  48. Wet fly success!
  49. Wet Fly Ways.. The flies.
  50. Wet Fly Library
  51. Brown Hackle Peacock
  52. Pequest river tommorrow evening.
  53. Multiple Tippet rings and wet flys ??
  54. Some Fish On Wets
  55. Poacher wet fly
  56. Greenwell's Glory & question for Davy
  57. Isonychia wet fly patterns
  58. Davy on "Ask About Fly Fishing"
  59. Hot spots on wet flies
  60. 10 Wet Fly Do's & Don'ts
  61. Turkey tail feathers for wet flys question for Davy
  62. Using muddler daddy
  63. Wet fly rod
  64. Wet Fly Leader Question
  65. What a way to fish a Steelhead trip
  66. Alexandra, Why?
  67. Detection And Setting With Cast Of Flies
  68. wet fly fishing in salt water for sea run cutts?
  69. Z-Axis 4 wt 10' for wet flies?
  70. The Telephone Box Dr. Burke
  71. Question for Davy Wotton
  72. Walker
  73. Claret Gnat
  74. W3's
  75. Hend-a-Coq Soft Hackle Wet Fly
  76. A few from the Greenwells Family
  77. Wet Fly fishing on lakes
  78. Hardy Zenith Sintrix as Wet Fly rod?
  79. English March Brown Male
  80. wet fly question
  81. Caddis emergers
  82. first go wet fly fishing
  83. Grey's Streamflex 3wt and Wet Flys?
  84. trico's and wet flies
  85. How many of you.
  86. Tim's Sexy Soft Hackle
  87. building a cast.
  88. Muddy Waters and wet flies: will I get the blues or the steelhead?
  89. Davy's Client's Wet Fly Beauties
  90. High regards to Davy
  91. Hardy Marksman Drifter 11' or 10' ??
  92. New rod for Wet Fly fishing?
  93. Wet Fly Wings
  94. Hendrickson Wet Fly Pattern?
  95. help with wet fly choices, skunked by stocked trout...yes technique likely poor
  96. Greys Streamflex or Marksman 2
  97. wet fly tying question
  98. Controlling Drift
  99. describe the best size, weight and style of bamboo rod for wet fly fishing
  100. Emergers vs Classic Wets: Any real difference?
  101. Spey and soft hackles
  102. "Best" currently available rod options for "wet fly" fishing?
  103. Three Days with Davy Wotton, the best investment I could ever make in fly fishing!!
  104. Hardy Marksman 2 vs. Hardy Marksman Drifter
  105. When would you change the spacing of a cast of three wet flies?
  106. Taylor, Gunnison, East, Dream Stream, Lake Irwin
  107. Wet Fly Ways: A sequel?
  108. Wet Fly fishing for October (Fall) Caddis?
  109. Replacing Dropper tags?
  110. Intermediate lines in Wet Fly Fishing?
  111. Invicta fly?
  112. What fly box or fly management system do YOU prefer for wet flies sized 12 & 14?
  113. Wet Fly Ways a "Strategic Approach"
  114. Mr. Wotton, question about flymphs
  115. Winston WT 10' 4wt for wets/nymphs?
  116. Sage Z-Axis 496
  117. Suggested reel for Grey's 10ft 5wt
  118. Davy Knot vs. Loop knot for droppers and anchor/tail fly on 3 fly cast of wet flies?
  119. Is cotton floss a good material for wet flies?
  120. River wet fly question: wet fly approach to an eddy?
  121. Flies that ride hook point up, are they useful in wet fly fishing?
  122. Overlining a 2 wt.
  123. Which Floating DT Line for Streamflex 5wt?
  124. Leader to line connection for Wet fly and Euro nymphing?
  125. Line to Leader Connection
  126. T.C. Wickham's sunny disposition.....which wet flies are good for bright sunny days?
  127. Dead drift with wets
  128. Dead drift with wets
  129. What are your favorite wet flies when PMD's are emerging?
  130. Best brown taken to date on a wet
  131. How do you rig multiple flies?
  132. Wet flies and Soft Hackle fished during evening hatch
  133. Leaders for Wet Flies
  134. Trico's
  135. I can't catch a thing if it aint got a wing
  136. Davy Wotton videos?
  137. Davy Wotton signature fly tying bench
  138. Help: Problems with Hook Sets and Small Wet Flies
  139. Versi Leaders for wet fly fishing
  140. First Time Fishing Wets
  141. The Leisenring Lift
  142. Need a small list
  143. The Best Wet Fly Fishing Techniques
  144. River intending to fish wet flies
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